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Understanding Google’s Quality Content Pitch and Its Web Marketing Implications

google-compliant-contentSurely, every savvy web marketing folk that you’ll talk to these days would say that gone are the days when keywords rule the world of search. With Google making it crystal-clear through algorithm updates like Panda and Hummingbird, web marketers and site owners should embrace the idea that either they focus on creating high quality content or they suffer the inevitable – ranking poorly on Google search results.

But, just how do you write content that will meet Google's quality guidelines? Here are some tips:

Keep it as simple as possible. Google’s Matt Cutts put it rather clearly: "You need to find some way to pull people in, to get them interested, to get them enticed to try to pick up whatever concept it is you want to explain. So I would argue, first and foremost, you need to explain it well, and then if you can manage to do that while talking about the science or being scientific, that's great."

So the idea is to state in unambiguous and layman’s the technical concepts of your products, services, or ideas. This way, you stand to gain a lot of loyal readers from those who are considered as laymen.

Write for people, not search engines. Google’s Cutts championed this idea, and so does expert marketers who are convinced that people should focus on content and note on keywords. So the key is to put value and sense to your content with the main aim of informing readers and not merely pleasing search engines. Google will most likely notice this and reward you with a significant SERP position.

Make your content engaging. ContentScience.com posted a checklist aimed at helping webmasters and site owners see if their published content is up to standards. You may want to check the post here to help gauge your own web content.

Here’s one question you may want to answer:

Are you writing your blog posts or web content in such a way that your target readers couldn’t resist but to comment on your posts or share them through various social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Stumble Upon
If you said yes, then you’re doing a great job with your web content.

•Try to strike a balance. So, you’re bent on writing content that average readers would understand without difficulty. But how about the other readers, the ones with technical knowledge on the topic that you’re writing about? Jennifer Slegg of Search Engine Watch suggests that sometimes it's about finding a balance or writing for two different audiences with different content for each.

Ultimately, ranking high on Google and getting your target readers’ or clients’ overwhelming approval of your site means great news for your business. Your reputation and authority in your industry will also be cemented by doing so. So brush up on your content writing and see the results soon.

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